Questions every Seller should ask

a Real Estate Agent before signing

a Listing Contract



1.  How long have you been a licensed Realtor?

2.  Are you a Full-time Realtor?

3.  How many agents are in your company and where do you rank among them?

4.  How many buyers are you currently working with?

5.  What percentage of your annual business comes from personal referrals?

6.  How many homes did you sell within last 12 months?

7.  What is the percentage of list to sale price on your listings?

8.  What is the average time that your listings are on the market before they sell?

9.  What percentage of the listings that you take actually sells?

10.  What is your written guarantee to me?

11.  What is your marketing plan for my home?

12.  Who handles all the inquiries on my home?

13.  How do you capture and follow up on internet inquiries on my home?

14.  How often will you stay in touch with me after I list?

15.  Do you provide “feedback” reports to me from Buyers who have viewed my home?

16.  Do you or your company have a “Web Site” on the Internet?

17.  What are your office hours?

18.   Do you pre-qualify all the buyers that you would show my home to?

19.  Will every Buyer who makes an offer on my home be qualified as to their financial ability?  IF SO, HOW?

20.   Why should I hire you?