Location is perhaps the most important factor in marketing your home.  Buyers consider the community and its amenities, schools, area employment and visual attractiveness.




Pricing your property for the current market is critical in attracting buyers.  Most agents will show your home to their waiting buyers within three weeks after it is listed for sale.  If it is priced higher than the competitive listings, buyers will be more difficult to attract.  After the property has been on the market for several months, interest in it will decrease.  To sell your property quickly, establish as competitive a price as you can when you put your home on the market.




The condition of your property will attract or discourage buyers.  Be sure your property looks its best from the street.  Buyers often decide whether to view a property when they reach the curb.  The property should look fresh and clean.  Rooms should be uncluttered and inviting.





A variety of terms available for selling your property will attract a large number of buyers.  If you can help arrange special financing, or if you are willing to carry a part of the financing yourself, you can increase the desirability of your property and perhaps meet your desired price.





The agent you select will have a major impact on marketing your property.  The attention your listing receives will affect the timing and the price of your home.  Choose your agent carefully.  Choose one who you are convinced will give you the effort your listing deserves.