Top Ten Benefits of Listing with The Domasik Real Estate Team


How we are Different


“The Competition”

The Benefits to Our Clients


Our expert negotiating skills net 1.6% more for your home than the MLS average


1.6% less

On a $250,000 house, our clients net $4000 more than the MLS average


Our Listings sold 96 days faster than the MLS average


Doesn’t know

Minimizes the inconvenience of keeping your home in “showing condition”


91% of our listings sell *


40-50% of their listing sell *

We sell the vast majority of the homes that we list for sale despite of the market conditions


Team Concept


Solo Agent (sometimes with an assistant)

Highly specialized marketing and administrative support staff for same price as solo agent


We will not “artificially inflate” our opinion of the value of your home in effort to obtain your listing


Often over-inflates value,

to “buy your business”

You will have an accurate and honest assessment of value


Toll free 1-800 number talking house ads with immediate customer’s service follow up


leads frequently mishandled or ignored

All buyer inquiries returned within 5-15 minutes by a qualified agent


Buyer Profile Program



Exposure to a group of highly qualified and interested buyers. Over 200-300 active prospects in our database at all times


Unique “Service for Life” past clients referral based system (Majority of our clients come from referrals!) 



Increased  chances of getting  serious qualified buyers for your home from our ‘Trusted Referral Based’ database


Our unique web based Home Feedback System plus regular frequent verbal communication


Sporadic and unreliable communication

You will always know what buyers and agents are saying about your home


One of a kind Staging Service



Learn how to “stage” your home for sale to realize top dollar